The average cost of a data breach, according to IBM, is $3.8 Million. Do something about it!

Join SecurityHQ’s Feras Tappuni, CEO, and Chris Cheyne, CTO, on the 17th of September, as they explore real life examples from the field. Delve into how SecurityHQ handles actual breaches, with real life case studies. Learn what actions are required, and hear their suggestions, so that you know how to analyse, prioritise, and respond to threats, and safeguard your data, people, and processes.

In this webinar, Feras and Chris will share best practices on how you can protect your business with:

Real examples of recent security breaches, what went wrong and how to solve them.
Managed Detection and Response (MDR), using a MSSP as your trusted partner.
SIEM tooling and 24/7 visibility of your threats, every minute, night and day.
Rapid speed of threat response will determine the success of incident handling.
Q&A session and expert advice with SecurityHQ's CEO and CTO.

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