Knowledge, Experience and Passion Combined.

Meet Our Team

SecurityHQ combines some of the greatest, most technically able, and innovative minds of the cyber security industry. Our people are not only knowledgeable, respected and passionate about what they do, but are available day and night to provide you with the best possible service.

Chris Cheyne

SOC Director & CTO

Nilesh Burghate

Head - Global SOC

Gillian Tappuni

HR & Finance Manager

Yogesh Jaipurkar

Chief Architect - Software Development & Engineering

Johnny Witt

Lead Security Analyst

Deodatta Wandhekar

Manager of Global SOC

Aaron Hambleton

Security Monitoring & Incident Response Lead

Avadhoot Sapre

Security Incident Handler (Middle East)

Jaibharath Subburathiam

Head - Infrastructure

Farhan Baig

Project Manager (Middle East)

Swapnil Bhosale

Security Consultant

Vikas Lokhande

Security Consultant

Jay O

Security Content Manager

Priyanka Agarwal

Service Delivery Manager (UK/EU)

Raquel Hernandez Gomez

Service Delivery Manager (Middle East)

Lavannya S Daga

Service Delivery Manager (APAC)

Mandar Sakpal

Process Assurance Lead

Mihir Golwalkar

SOC Consultant (Pre-Sales, Middle East)

Ashwini Dhanvijay

Business Development Executive (APAC)

Elizabeth Brannan

Business Development Manager

Eleanor Barlow

Content Manager

Leonardo Maroso

Digital Marketing Manager

Vanashree Chowdhary

Marketing & Communications Executive