Managed Firewall

The objective is to secure your systems to provide full network visibility, so that you can focus on delivering your services, uninterrupted. Secure your systems, receive full network visibility, enforce policies, backed by experts.

24/7 Monitoring of Threat Risks
Improve Compliance & Business Agility
Reduce Attack Surface
Address Internal Skill Shortages

Most Businesses Have Less Than 50% Visibility of Their Security Risks.



Firewall is your first line of defence against malicious and anomalous activity. It is a crucial element that keeps out dangers, controls and monitors activity, accepts, rejects and drops access. SecurityHQ enforce a strict control on your firewalls, whilst allowing you to be flexible and dynamic in executing your business requirements.

The Challenge

Firewall management is a highly skilled, resource intensive operation that requires 24/7 expert attention. Most organisations do not have the capacity or skillset to monitor their firewalls adequately.

The Solution

By outsourcing to SecurityHQ, receive heterogeneous IT environments, enforced policies, maintained compliance, backed by experts every minute of every day

Key Features

Intelligence Analytics and Visualisation

Intelligence Analytics and Visualisation

  • Present Risks
  • Posture Issues
  • Pattern User Violations
Firewall Optimisation

Firewall Optimisation

  • Optimised and Hardened First Line of Defence
ITIL Compliant

ITIL Compliant

  • Gain Control
  • Accelerate Response
  • Enforce Change Processes
24/7 Health Monitoring

24/7 Health Monitoring

  • Proactive Management of Appliances
  • Increased Resilience
  • Continual Monitoring of Firewall Health
Automated Threat Containment

Automated Threat Containment

  • Immediate Response
  • Real-time Detection
  • Automated Tooling
Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

  • Policy Configuration Reporting
  • Led by Senior Analysts

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