Global Threat Insight
Report Q1 2024

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Understand the Cyber Threat Landscape,
Backed by Data

Developments in Phishing Campaigns

Phishing email remains a prevalent and effective method used by cybercriminals as an initial access tool, highlighting its significance as a common entry point for adversaries.

35% Proportion of Bulk Phishing Attacks
46% Proportion of Advisories issues for Banking and Financial Services from SHQ Response data

Business Context & Security Trends

Banking and Financial services sector received the highest number of advisories throughout the quarter. Food production emerged as a new entrant this quarter, indicating a growing focus on cyber security within the food and agriculture industry.

Data Analytics & Threat Identification - Leverage Data Analytics

Out of the top 5 Alerts, Exposed Credentials accounted for 57% of these.

57% Proportion of Exposed Credential Attacks from all Alerts

SHQ Underground

Listen to Priyanka, Aaron, and Mohsin as they discuss in detail the Q1 Global Threat Insight report, to examine the trends over the past three months, highlighting how certain types of attacks have evolved or remained consistent, and steps to put in place to enhance security measures.

This report emphasizes the importance of understanding the evolving nature of cyber threats and the necessity for proactive defense measures tailored to specific industry challenges.