Managed Network Detection & Response
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Highly sophisticated 24/7 monitoring add-on module, using self-learning AI, taps into the network and analyses real time network traffic to form a complex understanding of what is ‘normal’ for your environment as it evolves.

Self-Learning AI-driven investigation and triage at speed and scale.
AI and ML algorithms learn on the job, combined with expert analysts, to create bespoke service.
Instant network visibility into existing blind spots.
Comprehensive coverage of your entire digital business.

Monitor all Raw Network Traffic for 100% Network Visibility.



Learn what is normal for your unique network and detect threats that stand out as anomalous from this understanding. No configuration of pre-set conditions, rules, and signatures, and does not rely on large training data sets.

The Challenge

Traditional security measures do not provide real-time detection 24/7. And the majority of organisations do not monitor their normal patterns of behaviour, which makes it far harder and takes longer to spot malicious or anomalous activity that differentiates from the norm.

The Solution

Unlike traditional security, SecurityHQ provides real-time detection 24/7 of every phase of an ongoing cyber-attack. By leveraging our Network Detection Platform, anomalies are monitored and the normal pattern of behaviour for your unique network is identified.

Key Features

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Data Agnostic

Data Agnostic

  • Threat detection across entire estate.
  • Everything from laptops, desktops, phones, servers
  • IoT, BYOD and Industrial/Operational Control systems.
Unparalleled Threat Visibility

Unparalleled Threat Visibility

  • Look for anomalies, in the normal pattern of behaviour for your unique network.
  • Detect all types of threats.
  • Visualize everything from malware to data exfiltration.
Powerful Technology

Powerful Technology

  • 24/7 Transparent & auditable collaboration.
  • 24/7 Incident Management, Dashboarding.
  • SLA Management and Customer ITSM integration API.
Smart Automation & Rapid Response

Smart Automation & Rapid Response

  • Central support for automation of repetitive processes.
  • Increased accuracy.
  • Shortened recovery time for remediation.
Zero Complexity, Low Maintenance

Zero Complexity, Low Maintenance

  • We supplement your team and maintain systems.
  • Keep things simple for you.
  • Straightforward to deploy and easy to integrate.
Access to Global SOC & Labs

Access to Global SOC & Labs

  • Enriched threat intelligence.
  • All-encompassing world view.
  • With weekly and monthly reports.

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Add-on Modules

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Network Flow Analytics

View and gain a comprehensive view of your entire network infrastructure, by examining sources, target ports, IP addresses and more.


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