Join SecurityHQ’s CEO, and CTO, to discuss how to investigate  and prioritise incidents, categorise incidents against MITRE ATT&CK, assign risk level based on CIA attributes, asset criticality and possible impact.

The SHQ Response Platform is unique in the industry as it follows a combination of different sources and is always viewed within the context of the customer.

In this webinar, explore the benefits of SHQ Response, understand how to use The Risk Centre, know how to calculate the impact of security threats to business, the likelihood of risks happening, identify all the different tactics and techniques, and highlight how best to mitigate these risks, all from a single location.

What You Will Learn

Map Threats, Assets and Vulnerabilities to Derive Risks.
Manage Risks in Accordance with NIST 800-30.
Identify Maturity and High Impact Mitigations, Linked to NIST 800-53.
Track Mitigations, Task Assignments, and Progress.
Link Compliance Incidents to Risk, to Reduce Repetitive Incidents Creating Noise.
Investigate & Prioritise Incidents. Categorises incidents against MITRE ATT&CK, & Assign Risk Level, Based on CIA Attributes, Asset Criticality, Possible Impact.