Managed Data Security
(Powered by IBM Security Guardium)

Managed Data Security, powered by IBM Guardium, protects critical data, prevents leaks, and ensures compliance across heterogeneous environments, including databases, data warehouses and big data environments.

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Complete visibility and detailed analysis into database transactions.
Examine and implement policies, including access controls to sensitive data, database change control, and privileged user actions.
Automate compliance auditing processes.
Assess database vulnerabilities.

Constant Monitoring of Structured and Unstructured Data Traffic.



Governance with Control Integration with IT management and additional security solutions, so that data protection is comprehensive and clear, throughout the entire organisation.
Effective Compliance with validation activities, via a centralised audit repository, combined with an integrated workflow automation platform.

The Challenge

Few organisations have the in-house skills or budget for monitoring and analysis, audit and compliance, threat prevention, data protection or vulnerability assessment.

The Solution

Managed Data Security covers monitoring and analysis, audit and compliance, threat prevention, data protection, vulnerability assessment and more, all from a dedicated expert.

Key Features

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Monitoring and Analytics

Monitoring and Analytics

  • Monitor database in real-time for anomaly detection and policy non-compliance.
  • Real time security analytics to detect suspicious transactions or changes.
Audit and Compliance

Audit and Compliance

  • Advanced auditing mechanisms beyond native capabilities.
  • Centralized auditing and reporting across multiple database environments.
Access Management

Access Management

  • Identify and remove excessive user privileges.
  • Manage shared and service accounts, and suspicious user activities.
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Complete view into intricate database infrastructures, identifying misconfigurations, and evaluating and mitigating these risks.
Data Discovery & Classification

Data Discovery & Classification

  • A vital stage to identify appropriate policies for various data, dependent on criticality and compliance obligations.
Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention

  • Protection against unpatched vulnerabilities and other database-specific security measures.

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