Threat & Risk Intelligence (TRI)

View, monitor, prioritise and analyse all digital elements of your organisation, including Internet, applications, systems, cloud, and hardware. Harvest information from the Dark Web, Deep Web, and public domain for complete visibility.

Make Risks Visible and Avoid Costly Data Breaches
Monitor Industry Specific Threats
Discover Breaches Before your Adversaries
Measure & Track Your Digital Footprint

Examine over 100,000,000 Domains, Tor Sites, Forums, Paste Sites and Much More!



Threat & Risk Intelligence, powered by Digital Shadows, harvests information available on the dark web, deep web and in the public domain, to provide superior security and visibility to identify and highlight attacks, detect breached material and safeguard your data, people and processes against future threats.

The Challenge

Without threat intelligence, it is impossible to know what information is available across all digital platforms, regarding your business information and data. In fact, most organisations are unaware of who or what is targeting them.

The Solution

SecurityHQ threat experts look for signs that risks, such as sensitive data, user credentials, or intellectual property have been exposed.

Threat & Risk Intelligence (TRI) - Service Coverage

Coverage Threat & Risk Intelligence - Complete
Our team analyses the data to identify threat actors & vectors targeting your organisation, correlates your digital footprint with attack methodologies, and understands your cyber exposure from your attacker’s view. Our TRI - Complete service is suitable
for large organizations with multiple brands, domains, and complete coverage of Digital Risks supporting both Threat Intelligence and Brand Monitoring use-cases.
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Use-case coverage
  • Dark Web Threat Intel
  • Supply Risk
  • Threat Intel
  • Data Leakage Detection
  • Online Brand Protection
  • Attack Surface Reduction
Multiple Domains
  • Yes
Multiple Brands
  • Yes
VVIP user Social Media monitoring
  • Yes
Dark web monitoring within closed groups
  • Yes
Dashboard access to customers
  • Digital Shadows Dashboard
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30-Day Free Proof of Value

Experience the Benefits of Threat & Risk Intelligence (TRI) – Complete
Gain full visibility of data leakage, brand protection risks and visibility of your online attack surface. 30-Day Free Digital Risk and Threat Monitoring POV in collaboration with Digital Shadows.


Key Features

Instant Visibility

Instant Visibility

  • Real Time SLA Dashboards
  • World View of Threats
  • Pattern User violations
Fast-Track Investigations

Fast-Track Investigations

  • Discover What Matters
  • Prioritise Events
  • Adopt Proactive Strategies
Easy Integration

Easy Integration

  • Gain Control
  • Accelerate Response
  • Enforce Change Processes
Certified Analysts

Certified Analysts

  • Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts.
  • 280+ Expert Analysts on Demand
Incident Management Platform

Incident Management Platform

  • SLA Management
  • Ticketing and Customer ITSM Integration
Regular Reporting

Regular Reporting

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • Granular Statistical Graphing
  • Led by Senior Analysts

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