Simplified Cybersecurity with Managed Defense

24/7 Managed Cybersecurity to rapidly monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats.


A Unified and Holistic Cyber Security Solution

Managed Defense provides security teams with visibility across all security controls and an enhanced user experience.
Monitor and Detect Cyber Threats

Our Global SOC analysts minimize alert fatigue, proactively detect, contextualize, and respond to incidents within 15 minutes of detection.
Global Threat Intelligence

Leverage threat detection intel to monitor data sources, powered by 450+ Security Analysts to protect against cyber threats.
Ensure Compliance is in Check

Put in place the right security measures to showcase that you are meeting compliance requirements.

What You Get With Managed Defense
Real-Time Dashboards
Weekly & Monthly Reports
SHQ Response Platform & App
15-Minute SLA for P1
24/7 SOC Monitoring
Dedicated Cybersecurity Manager
Single Pane of Dashboards for All Monitoring Tools
Use Case Per Industry
Threat Advisories with Defined Action Steps
NIST Framework
Set Escalation Matrix for Incident Notifications

Integrated with Gartner Enterprise Technology

Why Teams Need a Simplified Cyber Solution

Feras Tappuni, CEO, and Chris Cheyne, CTO & SOC Director, discuss how businesses can get the most out of Managed Defense, to enhance their business cyber security posture.
Learn about the benefits of Managed Defense and how it can enhance your cybersecurity at a more granular level.

Ingest, Analyze, and Respond to Cyber Threats/Incidents

Ingest, Detect and Respond to Threats (Cloud/On-prem/Hybrid)
Log Data from Your Systems to Identify and Correlate Malicious Activity
450+ Analysts: Investigation & Threat Response​
SHQ Response Platform for Incident Management
Orchestrate Response Containment Across Your Infrastructure
6x Global Security Operation Centers (SOCs) 24/7/365
Proactively Investigating & Escalating Threats Globally
Data Correlation, Threat Detection and Anomaly Detection
Risk Profiling: User & Business
Thousands of Use Cases and Unlimited Playbooks

A Complete Managed Security Solution

Gain visibility across all your security controls, as well as a unified holistic Cybersecurity experience.
24/7 Managed Detection & Response
Powered by real-time log analytics, with security orchestration automation & response tooling to rapidly identify & limit the impact of security threats.
Award-winning Security Platform
Visualise, prioritise, escalate and respond to security incidents.
Managed Containment and Speed up Incident Response
By automating the containment actions to assure management with fast and efficient cyber incident response handling during cyber-attacks.

Learn about the benefits of SecurityHQ's Managed Defense, review features in detail, and use this information to support your business needs.

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A Complete Managed Security Program

Additional Services: Security Device Management
Managed EDR
Powered by real-time log analytics, with security orchestration, automation, & response tooling to rapidly identify & limit the impact of security threats.
Managed NDR
Tap into the network and analyses real-time network traffic to form a complex understanding of what is ‘normal’ for your environment as it evolves.
Managed Firewall
Our Managed Firewall service will manage, monitor, and support your firewalls to ensure you have a robust security posture.
View and act on all vulnerabilities across all your digital platforms, including internet, applications, systems, cloud and hardware.

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