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Managed Security Services with a Difference

Receive the highest degree of visibility and protection against today’s growing cyber threats. Explore our services, talk with experts, and advance your cyber safety.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Complete visibility of your digital world. Visualise and understand malicious or anomalous activity. Analyse, prioritise and respond to threats in rapid time. Safeguard your data, people and processes.


Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Continual monitoring and response to cyber threats targeting your endpoints. Gain full visibility of your whole IT environment, detect incidents, mediate alerts, stop breaches, and receive remediation advice.


Digital Risk and Threat Monitoring

Monitor the dark, deep and visible web to detect risks, alert, investigate and take down offending content.


Managed Endpoint Protection (EPP)

Gain comprehensive visibility of all your endpoints. Monitor all communications, from low-level activity, to malicious threats, and identify and respond to all elements targeting your endpoints.


Decoy & Deception Honeypots Service

Create a duplicate dummy version of your network. Watch bad actors on this dummy network. Learn their methodology, and how they attempt to gain access. All in a fully controlled environment.


Managed Firewall

Firewall is your first line of defence against malicious and anomalous activity. It is your crucial wall that keeps out dangers, controls and monitors activity, accepts, rejects and drops access.


Vulnerability Management Service

View and gauge all vulnerabilities across all your digital platforms, including internet, applications, systems, cloud, and hardware. Identify your weak points, view your online identity, verify issues and remediate them in rapid time.


ISO 27001 & Security Compliance

Assure that your security system is certified and compliant. The information security standard, as part of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards, ensures conformity to internal methodology and Information Security Management System.


Penetration Testing Service

Penetration Testing service hunts for, and highlights, vulnerabilities in your network by emulating real-life external and internal attacks.


Incident Management &
Analytics Platform

Receive complete visibility with SecurityHQ’s leading software.


30-Day MDR Free Proof of Value

Experience the Benefits of Managed Detection and Response.


Our Security Operations Centres

Located around the globe, SecurityHQ operates out of 6 principle 4th Generation Security Operation Centres. Each one of these SOC’s is designed and built by engineers to ensure that each environment is as secure as possible. That way, no matter what happens to your organisation, we are able to support you, and keep monitoring your network 24 hours a day, every minute of every day, to provide visibility and peace of mind.

Partnered with the Best Technology

“The customer-focused, technically astute benefit of the SecurityHQ experience in implementing a large scale, complex 24x7 security operations such as ours is immeasurable. SecurityHQ just gets it”

- Mary Kotch, Group CIO/CISO, Aspen Insurance

"We are particularly happy with their tailored approach to our security requirements and the way they rapidly adapt to the ever changing threat landscape. SecurityHQ listen carefully to the security needs of our business and use their expertise to bring insight framed in the context of our business/industry."

– Gurdip Kundi - Operations Director/Infrastructure Manager, Foxtons

Managed Security Services
with a Difference

Our Heritage

Not a start-up! Founded over 15 years ago as Si Consult, SecurityHQ prides itself on its global reputation as an advanced MSSP, delivering superior engineering-led solutions to hundreds of clients, around the world, in verticals from Banking to Heads of State.

Company DNA

SecurityHQ think in terms of business. Specifically, how what we do is going to impact you. We learn about what our clients do, speak their language, understand what systems/processes they have, and provide tailored solutions and improvements, backed by a team of professionals, to ensure complete resiliency against cyber threats.

Global Reach

To guarantee a comprehensive view of past, existing and emerging threats, our Security Operating Centres and experts are located worldwide. So that no matter your position, company size or industry vertical, we know how to protect you and your data.


Cyber threats are increasing in both volume and sophistication. Which means traditional approaches need to be revaluated. SecurityHQ combines the best technology, processes and experts to provide advanced and bespoke solutions to your cyber needs.

Next Gen Security Operation Centre

Growing threats require intelligent integrated and automated solutions. SecurityHQ's next-generation MSSPs and Tier 3 data centres, detect and respond to security events, in real-time, to safeguard you and your team from existing and future attacks.


Our objective is to place the power of our SOC teams into our client’s hands, so that complete visibility of your digital footprint, specific threats, and security posture, is achieved.

Carrier Grade Technology

SecurityHQ's high-performing technologies ensure that network infrastructure and hardware can be down and upscaled instantly, without interruptions to your systems, virtual assets, cloud and traditional infrastructures. That way, you and your team are free to continue with what you do best.


SecuityHQ takes pride in our teams’ ability to build relationships with partners and clients, based on integrity, transparency and professionalism. Our code of ethics is fundamental, not only to our business success, but to the growth of all that we value.

Brilliant People

Technology can take you so far. But our people can take you further. Our analysts are some of the most experienced and qualified in the industry. And, with 200 of them available on demand to provide business intelligence, advice, monitoring, stability, and innovation, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Rapid Response

Rapid response is critical to contain and investigate rogue activity 24/7. SecurityHQ provides Incident Response playbooks, supported with our IBM Resilient SOAR platform & Certified Incident Handlers to contain threats, and notify you within 15 minutes of a critical event.


Talk to a person, not a robot. Talking, and face-to-face communication, either in person or over calls, is vital. With non-stop security 365 days a year, 24/7, and access to senior management on a weekly basis, our aim is to remove complexity.

Peace of Mind

It is the unknown that we often fear the most. With full visibility of threats, sleep well at night knowing that you are covered, and prepared to tackle all threats, both visible and unknown.

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