Given that this industry controls a vast majority of the worlds complex and critical infrastructure, the impact of a successful attack is not only significant, but extensive.

As the threat landscape has changed, cyber-attacks against the telecom industry are soaring. From satellite companies, internet providers to telephone corporations, the infrastructure behind these organizations makes it possible for all videos, audio and text to be sent across the globe. Without it we are stranded. Criminals know this.


One of the greatest challenges for Telco’s and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the current climate, is how the Internet of Things (IoT) will impact the industry. IoT has skyrocketed in terms of its application with connected devices, creating more entry points in the process.

Insider Threats

While some attacks are vindictive, an issue within telecom is that many employees/insiders are completely unaware that they are a threat in the first place. And with over 30% of people now working remotely, connections to unsecured networks will be made.

Third-Party Risk

Third parties, including vendors, partners, e-mail providers, service providers, web hosting, law firms, data management companies and subcontractors could easily be a backdoor into crucial infrastructure, for attackers to infiltrate.

Keeping the telecommunications sector secure infographic

Effective security always comes down to three key elements. Processes, people and technology.

Processes must run seamlessly alongside the organisation. Security experts must have the capability to detect, react and understand the context of a risk. And the technology must be superior, to keep up with cyber threats. All elements are equally as important, and you must have all three to ensure security.

More than a quarter of total security incidents within the industry are down to human errors and insider threats.

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Managed Microsoft Sentinel
Managed Microsoft Sentinel

Azure Sentinel SIEM tool, together with SecurityHQ skills, analytics, and security orchestration, delivers the highest degree of threat detection and incident response.

User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)
User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)

Using ML algorithms, categorise patterns of user behaviour, to understand what constitutes normal behaviour, and to detect abnormal activity. The action and user is given a risk score based on their activity, patterns and time.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Complete visibility of your digital world. Visualise and understand malicious or anomalous activity. Analyse, prioritise, and respond to threats in rapid time. Safeguard data, high-risk individuals, employees, and processes.


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