Managed Microsoft Sentinel – Detection & Response

Azure Sentinel SIEM tool, together with SecurityHQ skills, analytics, and security orchestration, delivers the highest degree of threat detection and incident response. Industry-leading solution for businesses to protect against all forms of cyber threats.

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Respond to incidents rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks.
Identify anomalous and malicious patterns with automated recovery systems.
Speed up response to threats and streamline security operations.
Up or down-scale automatically, to meet your organisations specific needs.

Identify Hidden Threats. Every Minute. Every day.



From users, to apps and devices, to servers on any cloud, see and stop threats before the damage is done. Be it data theft, ransomware, fraud or information governance, all organisations have their own security risks. Managed Azure Sentinel is the industry-leading solution for businesses to protect against all forms of cyber threats and attacks.

The Challenge

Critical business functions are often complex, time-consuming and require a skilled expert team to manage and implement security measures correctly.

The Solution

Our security engineers are experts in advanced analytics and threat hunting, detection, and response. And operate out of Security Operation Centres (SOC’s) located around the world, every minute of every day, to ensure maximum security.

Key Features

Managed Azure Sentinel
User Risk Monitoring

User Risk Monitoring

Detect malicious activity and risky user behaviour that is derived from the log analysis of the Microsoft 365 suite (both E3 and E5), including Azure Active Directory analytics.

Powered by Orchestration & Automation

Powered by Orchestration & Automation

SecurityHQ SOAR capability will help you minimize the duration and impact of a cyber-attack by automating manual tasks and, instead, focus on high-value investigations.

Non-Azure PaaS and SaaS Monitoring

Non-Azure PaaS and SaaS Monitoring

Ingest events and correlate data across Azure and Non-Azure platforms, such as

  • URL Content Gateway
  • Web App Firewalls
  • Endpoint Security systems
Azure Platform as a Service Monitoring

Azure Platform as a Service Monitoring

Monitor malicious activity from Azure PaaS systems such as IIS, SQL, Defender ATP and Azure WAF platforms.

Threat Intelligence  Enrichment

Threat Intelligence Enrichment

SecurityHQ Intelligence eco system enriches event data to detect malicious connections to rogue IP’s, domains, and URL’s.

Azure Infrastructure as a Service Monitoring

Azure Infrastructure as a Service Monitoring

Correlate suspicious host activity for server and application hosts in Azure IaaS.

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