Throughout the first half of 2023 the world faced many challenges. Countless events impacted how society has functioned, how businesses developed, and how people lived. At the beginning of 2023, and in 2022 we predicted that cybercrime would be high on that list of challenges. But the scale of threats exceeded what anyone could have anticipated.

This paper will discuss some of the vulnerabilities, evolving threats, prevalent actors, and industries targeted, and what that means with regards to the progression of threats during the second half of 2023. Most importantly, we look into some of the solutions, recommendations, and actions to combat and mitigate against these threats.

What This Paper Covers

AI-Powered Social Engineering Attacks and Cloud-Based Breaches
Review of Geo-Political Hacktivism
Enhanced Phishing Attacks and Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Supply Chain Attacks
Analysis of LockBit
Recommendations To Enhance Cyber Security Posture