Download your recording of our webinar, ‘Building an Effective SOC”, in which Chris Cheyne, SecurityHQ’s CTO, explored how to build an effective security operating centre using SecurityHQ, and provided comparisons between elements that can be drawn from the human body to assist with the development of your cyber security.

What You Will Learn

The human logistics of physically running a SOC, and the manpower needed.
Analysis of elements including the importance of detection and response tooling and the conscious decisions of the team.
Learn about the benefits of SecurityHQ and how to integrate it into your systems and processes.
What technology is needed to run a successful SOC, and recommendations to specific tools (IBM QRadar).
An analysis of the context and intelligence of User Behaviour Analytics, using SecurityHQ, and much more!

There are many parallels between a well-run machine and the human body. Much like your central nervous system, your Security Operating Centre (SOC) is the central nervous system to your security. Within its overall structure, each element is crucial for the overall function. The EDR tooling acts as your eyes. Event logs are your ears. Network Behaviour Analytics is your sense of smell and your intelligence and context is your touch.