There is a lot that goes into integrating a 5th generation Security Operation Centre (SOC). Especially with regards to ensuring the sharpest reaction times, integrating flows, knowing when to automate and when not to automate, and achieving a complete holistic capability.

This webinar is presented with the aim to show how a security operation centre (SOC) maturity model can be used to respond to incidents faster and more effectively, in a world where bad actors are becoming harder to detect.

In this webinar, Feras Tappuni (CEO, SecurityHQ) and Ayman Hammoudeh (Security Operations & Response Technical Leader, IBM) take a quick look into the complete suite and flow between IBM Resilient and QRadar. But, more importantly, focus less on the tools, and more on the implementation of how these tools work, to reveal:

How IBM and SecurityHQ can off-load the painstaking task of log monitoring and threat correlation to our best technologies and expert analysts, to save businesses time and resources.
How to deliver the right tools, and onboard correctly.
How to implement tools to get the most out of your Security Operations Centre (SOC).
Next steps and recommendations to improve your security posture.