Education associations were dealing with a vast array of critical issues, including a lack of resources, a shortage in staff, and a scarcity of funding. Then COVID-19 hit. Practically overnight, the Education system had to abruptly re-evaluate everything it knew, to continue teaching, to safeguard students, employees, data, and intellectual property. In a bid to uphold some level of continuity, new rules were implemented, new systems put in place, and new guidelines for teaching and learning were made. But these rules differed from country to country, institution to institution, and the structure and clarity of what needed to be done in terms of security, was lost along the way.

What This Paper Covers

From ransomware attacks to malware campaigns, nation state threats to supply chain attacks, the industry has felt every form of incident in abundance. In this paper, we look at some of the key threats targeting the industry, and how to defend against them.

In this paper you will explore how the Threat Landscape within the Education Sector has changed, with a Look into the following:

The financial gain within the sector and what’s at stake.
Data theft PII and what that means for students and employees.
Data theft surrounding espionage and nation state actors, with a look at specific groups.
How DDos and Insider Threats are infiltrating organisations.
A rise in internal and external IoT vulnerabilities.
How social engineering techniques are being used against universities.
Industry specific phishing and ransomware attacks.
Top recommendations to reduce security threats within the industry.