New ransomware strains are emerging to leverage fileless malware and data exfiltration tactics, while opportunistic attackers are using any change in circumstances to launch more effective campaigns.

The Challenge – Conventional security tools, which detect only known cyber-threats using rules and signatures, are blind to evolving strains of ransomware for which such signatures do not exist. Security teams cannot keep up with these threats using traditional controls alone, especially when they are understaffed or out-of-office.

The Solution – Businesses must employ security technology that can stop ransomware as it emerges, before it can do any damage.

Key Benefits

A synopsis of the new era of ransomware, and how to neutralise it with AI using Antigena Autonomous Response technology.
Real-life example of Interrupting Ryuk Ransomware During a Darktrace Trial.
Stopping ransomware at the source, with a real-life event whereby Malicious Links were Neutralised at a City Government.
An analysis of the Industrial Immune System: Defending Operational Systems from Ransomware, with a real-life example of finding Ransomware at an Oil Refinery.