SecurityHQ have noted a great increase in the number of ransomware attacks over the last few months. These attacks have grown in every vertical across the globe. In response, SecurityHQ’s Chris Cheyne (CTO), Swapnil Bhosale (Security Consultant), join Darktrace’s Director of Threat Hunting, Max Heinemeyer, to delve into the world of Ransomware attacks, what to do in the event of an attack, how to contain, investigate and remediate an attack, and how to become more proactive, rather than reactive, with regards to security processes.

What You Will Learn

An exploration on how even advanced threat actors, such as EvilCorp, can be detected and stopped by AI. And how this can be done before the damage is done.
A live Q&A – feel free to ask us anything ransomware related!
How to flag the early signs of an intrusion with real-time visibility.