Security Awareness is not just for those interested in cyber security. It is a crucial element that all employees must be aware of. The issue is that few organisations have a dedicated cyber security team, which means that few are educated on the necessary processes that should be conveyed to all employees in separate departments. With this lack of awareness, systems, processes, data and people are left vulnerable.

But once employees are cyber security aware, have a checklist in place, are able to recognise cyber threats, the impact of a cyber-attack, and know the steps to prevent cyber threats from attacking and infiltrating their systems, businesses improve their security posture significantly.

In this Webinar receive Our Tips on How to:

Recognise what types of security issues and incidents might arise.
Understand what your responsibilities are for preventing security breaches.
Know which actions to take in the event of a security breach.
Identify security incidents, prevent security breaches and take required actions.
Safeguard against financial loss, Identity Theft, Malware infections.