Join SecurityHQ and IBM on a live session to dive deep into the realm of cybersecurity, where we’ll dissect the intricate challenges and unveil innovative solutions to fortify your defenses. 

Discuss how to streamline SOC Services, utilize AI for Automation, understand all the latest features to the SHQ Response Platform, and make the most of newly released Incident Response capabilities!  

What You Will Learn

Tackling the Evolving Landscape of Cybercrime by Streamlining Your Security Operations.
Enhancing Security Posture through People, Processes & Technology.
The Anatomy of a Breach – Prioritized Steps to Take From Event to Incident Funnel.
Traditional SOC Problems – And Solutions to Prevent Major Incident Decision Paralysis.
SHQ Response Risk Center Functions – Benefits to Business.
Event to Incident Funnel – And Priority Matrix.