Join SecurityHQ’s Sanket Khanolkar, COO, and Deodatta Wandhekar, Manager of Global SOC, on the 24th of September to discuss how Firewall is not only your first line of defence against malicious and anomalous activity, but how it is crucial to keep out dangers, control and monitor activity, accept, reject and drop access.

To do this, you need to enforce a strict control on firewalls, whilst allowing flexibility, which can be a complex process.

As a Global Managed Security Service Provider, we provide customers with peace of mind and protection against cyber threats. The way we work is by becoming an entrusted extension of your security team.

Which is why we offer a Free Firewall Audit. In this webinar we will explain the benefits and the features of our Managed Firewall service and what to expect during the Audit.

What You Will Learn

Address internal skill shortages and staff costs.
Improve security, compliance, and business agility.
Optimise security policies.
Reduce attack surface for mitigation of cyber threats.
Enforce policies across complex, heterogeneous IT environments.
Learn Why Managed Firewall is a Business Essential in Today’s Threat Landscape