For new business, SMEs, and emerging concepts within technology, such as FinTech, PropTech and MedTech organisations, there are many challenges when it comes to ensuring cyber security. Funding rounds are common to help businesses grow. The higher a business progresses, the more stringent the security measures.

These businesses also face challenges with regards to a lack of qualified staff and security management. Operations often take priority over security best practices, and the budget is frequently limited for a cyber security department. In addition, infrastructure hosted in the cloud can grow quicker than most companies can keep up with, making business data, people, and processes vulnerable to attack.

Often, companies simply don’t know where to start when it comes to their security. Or, even worse, it is implemented as an afterthought, following a breach.

In This Webinar Explore WHY these Companies Need to:

Know What Threats Are Targeting Tech Companies and How to Spot & Stop Them.
Why They Need to Know What Technologies and Services to Use to Defend Against the Latest Cyber Security Attacks Targeting Specific Industries.
How to Work with Affordable and Scalable Cyber Security Solutions.
Know What Steps Need to Be Taken to Enhance Your Cyber Security Posture and Who to Call in an Emergency.