Many believe that if you are on the Dark Web, your intentions are purely criminal. However, by being present to monitor activity, and actively hunt against your own profile, you are able to examine your digital footprint and equip yourself against cyber threats.

Listen to Chris Cheyne (CTO, SecurityHQ), Nilesh Burghate ( Head – Global SOC, SecurityHQ) and James Chappell (Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Shadows), as they debate exactly what the Dark Web is, how it works, and why it is relevant to your business security and growth.

What You Will Learn

The dark web: What it is and how relevant it is to your business.
Developments in the cybercriminal underground and why it’s thriving.
Why external risk monitoring, including the dark web, is now an important focus for companies around the world.
A brief outline of SecurityHQ & Digital Shadows partnership.