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Palo Alto acquisition of QRoC not impacting IBM QRadar Software

by Leonardo Maroso • May 2024

Last week, IBM announced the sale of its QRoC Business Unit (QRadar hosted on IBM Cloud) to Palo Alto Networks. SecurityHQ does not use this product. In fact, SecurityHQ has facilitated many customer migrations from QRoC to our own SIEM platforms.

The QRadar software remains unaffected by this move and today SecurityHQ operates one of the world’s largest QRadar towers across US, UK, Europe, Middle East, India and Australia. QRadar will continue to receive IBM features and support as well as updates to existing connectors and the ability to expand consumption.

2024 has been a busy year in the SIEM space; in addition to the IBM announcement, we have seen Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk and the merger of LogRhythm and Exabeam. At SecurityHQ we believe that SIEM platforms are increasingly just a “middleware” for collection, correlation and data retention within the wider SOC eco system that includes SOAR, Threat Intelligence Platforms, Incident Response Platforms and Data Analytics tooling. The real intelligence of SIEM platforms, regardless of the vendor, relies upon the expertise to configure them, develop content management, and manage them.

SecurityHQ prides itself on being technology agnostic and working to identify the right platform for our customers’ unique business needs. SecurityHQ’s Managed Defense service delivers Managed Detect and Response solutions across IBM QRadar, Microsoft Azure Sentinel, DataDog, Palo Alto Cortex and Splunk.

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