Notes from the Field • 1 Min READ

A Global Threat. New Snake Ransomware Targeting Large Networks

by Eleanor Barlow • Jan 2020

A new ransomware, known by the name of ‘Snake’, has been identified. Written in Golang, Snake comprises of sophisticated smokescreen techniques and advanced targeted approaches.

It works by infiltrating a network, and then proceeds to remove the computers shadow volume copies. Once this has been achieved, Snake attempts to destroy numerous processes. Rather than an individual workstation, this form of ransomware is able to target an entire network. So that any processes connected to SCADA systems, as well as industrial control systems, your network management, and virtual machines, will be targeted.

Following this, it encodes the files within all linked devices, with the exclusion of the system files.

Research has shown that if the entry points of devices are secured properly, then prevention of attacks like Snake, would be easier.

But ensuring that entry points are secured properly requires specialist help. To safeguard yourself from this particular form of ransomware, our recommendations are to:

  • Keep applications and operating systems running at the current released patch level.
  • Run software with the least privileges.
  • Update your anti-virus solutions with the latest virus definitions.
  • Avoid handling files from non-trusted sources.

For additional support, reach out to one of our specialists here, and learn how to safeguard your data, business and people from the latest attacks.