Watch SecurityHQ’s cyber security experts to discuss some of the greatest threats seen throughout 2023, with predictions for 2024, what that means for businesses and their security, and how to protect against upcoming cyber security threats.

2023 saw substantial growth in cyber security attacks, of all types, in every industry, across the globe. Knowing what is out there and what threats are likely to impact 2024, based off analysis of what we have seen throughout 2023, means that methods to spot vulnerabilities and contain threats can be put in place to remediate and mitigate attacks as we head into 2024.

Key Takeaways

Expert review of the most aggressive threats and threat groups of 2023, with actionable takeaways, to tackle threats of 2024.
Implement notes from the field, with real-life case studies, to see how our analysts reacted and stopped threats.
Know what steps to take in the event of an attack.
Delve into the growing threat landscape head-on, for complete visibility and peace of mind of your security controls as we head into 2024.