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Don’t let ransomware become an existential threat to your business and your customers.

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Breaches Happen, Are you Ready for the Impact?

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In 2021, 68.5% of businesses were victimized by a ransomware attack.

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61% of all breaches exploited credential data via brute force attacks or credential stuffing attacks.

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17 months is the average time before a ransomware group rebrands.

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Passwords caused 89% of web application breaches, either through stolen credentials or brute force attacks.

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Do You Have a 24/7 Incident Response Plan in Place?

In many businesses, there is a lack of in-house expertise and capabilities to deal with a breach. Highly sophisticated attacks can cause severe business disruption and reputational damage.

SecurityHQ’s customers get affordable access to well-built, qualified & proactive 24×7 SOC IR capabilities (People/ Tech/Processes) in a matter of days rather than weeks/years when building in-house.

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How We can Help

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How Does SecurityHQ Help You Against Ransomware Attacks?

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Better Protection for Internet-Facing Assets

Establish a proactive security defense strategy, by uncovering vulnerabilities rapidly, and to get them patched / mitigated.

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Real-Time Threat Monitoring 24/7

Identify and limit the impact of security threats and risks with 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and targeted response.

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Rapidly Mitigate Risks at the Source

Continually monitor endpoints, gain full visibility of your whole IT environment, detect incidents, mediate alerts, stop breaches, and receive instant advice.

Our Latest Assets to Help Organizations Improve their Ransomware Defenses

The Real Cost of a Ransomware Attack


The Real Cost of a Ransomware Attack

The best way to respond to a ransomware attack is to avoid having one in the first place. Backup data regularly. Scan the network infrastructure for vulnerabilities and patch the latest security updates to avoid ransomware infection.

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Risk Mitigation Recommendations


Risk Mitigation Recommendations

40 recommendations to help organisations safeguard against threats, both future and current. Address Internal Skill Shortages and staff costs.

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Stay Ahead of Cyber Attacks in 2022


Stay Ahead of Cyber Attacks in 2022

Even though ransomware actors keep evolving their tactics, you can up your defense game by reviewing the tactics employed in the major cyber threats of 2021.

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Enhance Your Security Posture Against Ransomware

SecurityHQ solves customer challenges by providing

Visibility to surface risks, detect and identify threats to our customers.
Instant Respond capability to take action to stop, block and eradicate threats & risks.
Trusted Partnership to take accountability and share the responsibility.
Risk Reduction and a corresponding Return on Investment.
Assurance and a peace of mind to allow our customers to focus on their business.

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