Generative AI has given cyber attackers a whole new arsenal. Threat Actors are no longer just spoofing emails—today they can mimic voices, faces, and even personalities to trick victims into falling into their traps.

And this is just the beginning.

Key Findings

47% of executives are concerned that adopting generative AI in operations will lead to new kinds of attacks targeting their own AI models, data, or services.
96% say adopting generative AI makes a security breach likely in their organization within the next three years.
AI cybersecurity budgets are 51% greater than they were in 2021. And they expect those budgets to climb an additional 43% by 2025.
94% of executives say it is important to secure AI solutions before deployment. Yet only 24% of their generative AI projects will include a cybersecurity component within the next six months—and 69% say innovation takes precedence over cybersecurity for generative AI.