Virtual Beer Tasting Event

‘Protect your Employees Against Email Threats with AI’, by joining our virtual Beer tasting event, in collaboration with our technology partner Darktrace. This is an opportunity to explore how elements of AI can be used to improve security and protect against threats. Including how Antigena Email uses artificial intelligence to stop the most advanced email threats, intervening to protect employees from the full range of threats targeting the inbox, and the benefits of learning a unique ‘pattern of life’ for every email user to identify anomalies.

Simultaneously, there will be plenty of opportunity for lively discussion on the merits of pale ales, IPA, Lager’s and Stout. Presented by industry experts, the fundamentals will be covered. Including how to taste beer properly, a look into the brewing process, what goes into making great beer, beer styles tested, the history behind these styles, and more. All combined with a healthy debate about how to identify adversaries targeting your business, brand, and reputation.

Reasons to Attend

Email is relied upon more than ever as a collaboration tool for the dynamic workplace. It is also the source of 94% of cyberattacks. Know how to safeguard it.
Rather than measuring inbound emails against predefined rules and signatures, a modern approach to email security uses AI to understand the human beings behind email interactions, learning their typical ‘patterns of life’ in order to spot anomalous behaviour.
Discuss the latest in Advanced Phishing, Account Takeover and Domain Spoofing.
You will be welcomed together with a small group of our selected customers and colleagues. If you would like to join us also, please RSVP by the 15th April 2021.