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L2/Security Analyst

Pune, India

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Job Description

We are searching for a Security Analyst who will be responsible for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

The primary function of this position is to monitor the analytics tools and perform alert management and initial incident qualification.

This role reports to the SOC Team Lead.

  • Conduct cyber-attack simulations as part of the RED team activity
  • Conduct Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and configuration review for network, web application , mobile application and thick -client application
  • Conduct configuration reviews for OS , DB, Firewall, routers, Switches and other security devices/components
  • Perform manual testing of web applications
  • Conduct source-code review using automated and manual approaches
  • Prepare detailed reports
  • Ensure timely delivery of status updates and final reports to clients
  • Handle Clients queries
  • Keep oneself updated on the latest IT Security news ,exploits, hacks
  • Prepare Threat Intelligence reports for newly discovered threat agents, exploits, attacks
Essential Skills
  • Thorough and practical knowledge of OWASP
  • Hands on experience with popular security tools – Nessus, Burpsuite, Netsparker, Metasploit, KALI Linux
  • Working knowledge of manual testing of web applications
  • Good knowledge of modifying and compiling exploit code
  • Hands on experience of working on Windows and Linux
  • Working knowledge of CIS Security benchmarks
  • Good understanding and knowledge of codes languages
  • Has practical experience in auditing various OS , DB , Network and Security technologies
  • Microsoft office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint