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Senior Cyber Security Manager

London, United Kingdom | Pune, India

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Job Description

SecurityHQ is a global organization providing Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to its global customers by monitoring their IT infrastructure for cyber security attacks.

Our Cyber Security Management Team is one of the critical functions of SecurityHQ services, to deliver meaningful insights about cyber security threats, alerts, and other triggers to help our customers get a detailed understanding of their cyber security posture.

This position is for Cyber Security Manager for delivering excellent service, with technical expertise, and relationship management skills.

  • Customer Communication.
  • Attend and support the weekly SecOps meeting.
  • Follow up actions on weekly calls.
  • Asset review with Integration and Service Incidents.
  • Create service requests for onboarding.
  • Coordinate with Integration teams and track Integration Service Requests.
  • Check and follow up with all Request Tickets Review.
  • Check and support closure of old incidents.
  • Ensure that all reporting of deliverables are issued on time.
  • Check security controls in place and any gaps in controls.
  • Check use cases are in place for all security controls in customer environments.
  • Ensure that the network architecture is in place and defined to the greatest possible accuracy.
  • Conduct independently the Weekly SecOps Meeting.
  • Clear understanding of the SOW and the deliverables.
  • Check weekly:
    • SLA compliance
    • Offenses that have been closed as False Positive and why.
    • Onboarding OLA compliance
  • Review Customer use cases, develop custom use cases with collaboration with L3 and content team.
  • Management of enterprise size customer accounts.
  • Presentation to customer C Level / Board on security matters.
  • Take leadership responsibility in Major & Critical Incident Handling, in coordination with the L3 Incident Responders.
  • Take leadership in Service Incident Crisis management.
  • Take responsibility for auditing the configurations and deliverables of the non MDR services (e.g. NDR, Managed EPP, VMaaS, Pen Testing and more).
  • Advise customer on Security Controls Gaps, Use Case Gaps (E.g., via any internal external Pen Test and provide recommendations).
  • Mentor Graduate and more junior Cyber Security Managers.
  • Major/Critical Incident handling skills.
Essential Skills
  • Network+ Knowledge
  • Security+ Knowledge
  • Security Controls in depth knowledge on all technical controls and common vendors.