Based in London, Islam Rashad has the responsibility of working as a Cyber Security Presales Consultant and Business Development looking after the SecurityHQ UK/I channel partners and customers. He has over 12 years’ experience of helping customers across different industry verticals and all sizes in managing their digital risk by having the required SOC solutions in place to gain best visibility for protecting their environment(s) against various types of threats and maintaining compliance. By delivering technical sales,  Security consultancy projects, XDR, SIEM, EDR, UEBA, NDR, IR and SOAR solutions design and implementations. He recently left the RSA Security Sales Engineering team, in which he specialised in Threat Detection and Response.

Islam has endless appetite to learn, and advise customers on what can precisely fit into their technical and business requirements. He has more than 15 industry certifications in IT and Security domains. His years of experience in the field combined with his knowledge makes him well equipped in understanding customer requirements, and position solutions to provide the highest degree of visibility and control over digital risk.